Find Your Wings.

"When you open up space in your body, you open up space in your mind" C.H

We strive to educate our students on the importance of physical autonomy by bringing cardio, strength, flexibility, balance & coordination across all our aerial, suspension training and mobility programs. We bring a semi-private practice where we are able to dedicate time to each and every individual. All we ask is that you show up, physically, mentally and most importantly never give up.


SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10TH, 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Sound Healing Benefits:

Stress relief

Increased energy & focus

Emotional balance

  Release Toxins in the Body



"These 6 workouts can keep you cool while others sweat out the summer!"


At Stardust Fitness, though, aerial yoga teaches students to practice inversions and techniques that take strain off muscles and ease the mind. The Doral studio is aglow with black lights and soothing shades of blue. Calming music plays softly, and incense burns in the corner of the room.

“This is not just cool flips and tricks,” owner Johanna Eckardt said. “It’s a lifestyle.”

Eckardt, who wears a “Soul on Fleek” graphic T-shirt, said the clientele are a cross between yogis and strength trainers, and often use the class to unwind their bodies and minds as well as increase flexibility.

The classes combine influences from ballet, yoga and Pilates, suspension training, mobility and gymnastics.

Students hang in a “pouch” pose before flipping over into an inversion nicknamed the “Front Angle Flip” at Stardust Fitness in Doral. Frank Navas/ FMNavas Photography

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Article by Carolina Gonzalez 2016

Instead of just hitting the gym again and again, try something new and exciting.....At Stardust Fitness you'll get fit, learn to fly, and leave insanely relaxed.

Article by Despierta America's Carolina Molina 2017

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